Andoran Mercantile League

Alignment: LN

Headquarters: Almas

Leader: Tobias Stanton

Structure: Mercantile association

Scope: National

Resources: A half-dozen League Halls in cities across Andoran, a few sympathetic representatives on Andoran’s People’s Council, a network of investigators, privateers and guards, and several business investments which provide operating capital

At the heart of mercantilism are personal property rights. Few take these rights more seriously than the Andoran Mercantile League, also commonly referred to simply as the Mercantile League. Most Andorans think the Mercantile League is an association offering merchants discounted services including legal representation, armed protection, and asset recovery. Unbeknownst to most Andorans, the Mercantile League is now secretly plotting a darker course. In opposition to the nation’s militant abolitionism, the Mercantile League employs slave-finders to track down and return escaped Chelish slaves to their former masters.

Structure and Leadership

Tobias Stanton heads a directorate of seven notable bankers and barristers of noble birth. This shadowy directorate determines the Mercantile League’s agenda. Each member of the directorate oversees one of the League Halls, and each League Hall is comprised of a complicated bureaucracy responsible for managing the mundane day-to-day operations. There are other illicit operations that the directorate members handle more directly. For example, Tobias — along with his chief aide, a disgraced Pathfinder named Jarret Bode — oversees the slave-finders because he won’t allow such a delicate and lucrative operation entirely out of his own hands.


The Andoran Mercantile League’s public goal is protecting all Andorans from the sort of losses the nobility incurred during the People’s Revolt, but that is not its true agenda. Tobias Stanton leads the Mercantile League’s directorate passionately towards his vision of ascendant nobility; not following the old ways of bloodlines and houses, but within this new democracy. The directorate believes power flows not from birthright, but from gold and political influence. It pursues its goals of reparations incrementally. It subtly manipulates the support of a few key representatives on the People’s Council while skirting the nation’s strict corruption laws to achieve these ends.

Public Perception

Few Andorans, even among the merchants who have joined the Andoran Mercantile League, are aware of the full scope of the organization’s goals and activities. Most Andorans see Tobias Stanton and the Mercantile League as defenders of the people’s rights and the embodiment of the philosophy and principles the nation was founded on.

Source: RPG Superstar 2012 (Round Two Entry) Top 16 Selection


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