Malefic Arcanist (Wizard)

While many people revile poisoners, malefic arcanists recognize poisons are a potent tool, adding toxic effects to their formidable arsenal of spells.

Across most of the Inner Sea malefic arcanists typically keep their abilities quiet. However, there are several places where malefic arcanists can be easily found. In the River Kingdoms they are most likely to be members of the Daggermark Poisoners’ Guild or guild trained. In the dusty heat of Katapesh, some are known to sell their unique services from market stalls. And, in the treacherous pirate isles known as the Shackles, several malefic arcanists have openly joined pirate crews.

However none embrace this shadowy art like the drow. Far below the surface of Golarion dark-elf malefic arcanists wield terrible poisons from the dangerous flora and fauna found only in the Darklands. Armed with these toxins, drow malefic arcanist are a terrifying threat.

Poison Use (Ex): At 1st level malefic arcanists are skilled in the use of poison and never accidentally poison themselves when using or applying poison. This ability replaces Scribe Scroll.

Toxic Admixture (Su): At 1st level the malefic arcanist can augment his spells by adding poison components. When preparing spells he may add a dose of poison to the material components of a spell. This functions like the Sickening Spell feat (Advanced Player’s Guide, page 169), except spells prepared with toxic admixture only take up a spell slot one higher than the spell’s actual level and must have a dose of poison or drug as an additional material component that is consumed in the casting. Eschew Materials does not allow the caster to bypass this special requirement. Toxic admixture replaces arcane bond.

Improved Toxic Admixture (Su): At 5th level the malefic arcanist’s mastery of toxic admixture becomes more pronounced. Rather than becoming sickened, the target now suffers the effects of being poisoned by the component poison as long as she is also within 100 feet of the caster.

If the spell allows a saving throw, a successful save negates the poison’s effects. If the spell does not allow a saving throw, the target may make a fortitude save to negate the poison’s effects. These save DCs are equal to the caster’s spell save DC or the poison’s normal DC, whichever is lower. Subsequent saves are also at the same save DC. The poison effects are only added once to the spell’s damage. In the case of an area of effect spell such as a fireball, every target damaged by the spell is susceptible to the poison effects, but a spell that deals damage to multiple targets separately — such as with magic missile — only affects a single target chosen by the caster.

A spell enhanced with improved toxic admixture takes up a spell slot two higher than the spell’s actual level and requires two doses of the same drug or poison as additional material components, which are consumed upon casting the spell. These doses must have one of the following types: Contact, inhaled or injury, and must have been crafted by the caster himself. The Eschew Materials feat does not allow the caster to bypass this special requirement. Improved toxic admixture replaces the 5th-level bonus feat.

Source: Wayfinder Vol. 09.



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