Andrew Marlowe lives in Cincinnati where he and his wife are raising two future gamers. For over three decades, he has portrayed fighters, vampires, werewolves and many others while tinkering with game rules and creating shared worlds. In 2012 he placed in the top 16 of Paizo’s RPG Superstar competition and is excited by his return in 2014. His published works can be found in (Wayfinder #9) and his first freelance product, The Genius Guide to Domain Channeling from Rogue Genius Games.

GAM3 g33k cred

2012 RPG Superstar Top 16

My entries were: Cayden’s cupAndoran Mercantile League, and the njaa’mende.

2014 RPG Superstar Top 16

My entries are: Scourge vial and the kaliswyrm

Other Credits

Proofreader: Initiative Cards Monster Set 2 – An OGL (3e) resource from the Game Mechanics
Contributor: Wayfinder 9 – Malefic Arcanist (Archetype), and three related Darklands Poisons.
Author: Genius Guide to Domain Channeling – Available Now from Rogue Genius Games.


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