An Apology

Okay so confession time. Sometimes I’m a terrible human being.

While I try not to…Like everyone I make bad choices and commit to things I shouldn’t like a regular blog. Back in January I said I’d start trying to build a campaign here on my blog. I indicated I’d start with a small community and build out.  It was a great plan and I could visualize where things might go and I was swept up in the moment and I committed here to my readers a new campaign. It was a bold and exciting plan except that I’m not a very good blogger.

I’m bad about scheduling it for one. And I’m noit the kind of person who should commit to a single ongoing theme. I had thought it would force me to blog more often…but if it were that simple I’d be blogging more often without it. Once I realized I had overstepped my abilities and over-promised I began to feel guilty about not writing which ironically made me less interested in blogging. Almost immediately I fell into bad habits of avoidance I had thought I’d broken years ago.

Because you my (admittedly very small) readership are not a specific person I was worried I would let down by not meeting a deadline obligation, it was all too easy to ignore this blog and by extension you. That was more unfair than admitting maybe the campaign plan was a little a lot overblown.

So let me sincerely apologize for failing to deliver the promised campaign and for being the terrible human being who let this go on for nine months without a word or apology. Just because I can’t see you doesn’t mean I should have treated you with less respect.

–Andrew Marlowe

Trying to be a better person today than I was yesterday.