Sci-fi Relics in Your Fantasy Game

Earlier this month Rogue Genius Games published my second sci-fi inspired Relic File, a strange little item known as The Breath of the Heavens. The Breath of the Heavens is a twinkling cloud of nano machines which inhabit a host’s lungs and does some pretty weird and cool things. Before that we released Quicksilver Mail a glob of liquid metal armor that engulf’s the bearer’s body, and provides an environmental readout on its HUD, features a built in buckler and more.

This subset of my Relic Files line is largely inspired by my experiences with The Expedition to the Barrier Peaks when I was eleven or twelve. Possibly the most memorable aspect of The Expedition to the Barrier Peaks was the presence of discovery flowcharts. These helped determine if your PC could make sense of the technological devices you might find.

I did not originally include any sort of activation rules in my relic files but if you enjoyed that part of the old module I present a pair of simple, similar rules for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Now it can also be hazardous to activate a relic from beyond the stars much like it was to activate a technological device in 1980.

Optional Rule: Daily Activation

This option is a modification of the Relics As Feats rules (see Relics of the Godlings I or II). You may attempt to use any ability you meet the level requirement for however if you do not have the necessary Relic Attunement feat you must make a Use Magic Device check each day. If you are successful you have access to all of the relic’s special abilities you meet the level requirements for, however if you fail the roll by 10 or more you suffer a minor mishap and take the damage listed on the table below. A successful Reflex save reduces this damage by half.

Optional Rule: Initial Activation

Slightly modifying the Daily Activation rule it also works for games using the Relics As Assumed Treasure option but instead of requiring access to the feat you simply gain its benefits with a single successful activation role.




Use Magic Device DC Minor Mishap Damage
Relic Attunement I 15 2d6
Relic Attunement II 20 6d6
Relic Attunement III 25 9d6
Relic Attunement IV 30 12d6
Relic Attunement V 35 15d6