May the Fourth Be With You

A little more than a year ago a friend of mine moved across the country and we planned a HouseCon event. We would invite a bunch of our friends over open house style and play RPGs and board games all weekend. We set aside a few hours for a Fate Accelerated Star Wars game to kick off the weekend’s gaming. We spent about 20-30 minutes making characters defining our setting and explaining the rules (most of the group had never played any sort of Fate) we then played the game for rest of the night adding and subtracting players as needed. It was so popular we continued to play for a few more hours the next morning before we broke out the board games.

What follows is the guide we now use for Fate Star Wars and a story pitch. Defiance is a good starting point for discussing where everyone might want a rebellion era game to go. Particularly if players are unaccustomed to the open nature of a Fate campaign.

Fate of the Galaxy

Establish Your Era / Setting Basics

Star Wars stories cover thousands of years and several distinct eras. While technology is largely unchanged through all of these eras (blasters, lightsabers, and faster than light starships are all commonplace) other details change from era to era, such as who the villains are, whether Jedi/Sith are common or all but extinct, even what worlds still exist. It is therefore important that your group is mindful of the differences and agree on a particular era.

You should also decide how much you are willing to deviate from film and EU cannon.  There is no right answer except the one that works best for your group. Maybe one of your PCs blows up the first Deathstar or what if the first Deathstar wasn’t blown up at all. What worlds are now in jeopardy?

Character Creation is Basic FAE

Choose a high concept, trouble, and one to three additional aspects.

Rate your six approaches (+3, +2, +2, +1, +1, 0).

Begin with 3 stunts,

and 3 refresh.

Playing Droids and Aliens

This is a no sweat very easy option simply use your aspects and stunts to simulate a non human.

About the Force

You may choose to have surviving Jedi and force adepts in your game. You do not need to charge those players a penalty but they will need to include this Force connection in their high concept. Furthermore they may want to purchase stunts to represent some of their prefered force techniques.

Example: Because I am a Jedi, I get a +2 when I forcefully  overcome an obstacle,  when Jumping.

Example: Because I am trained in the Jedi Mind Trick, I get a +2 when I sneakily create an advantage while I am talking to someone.

Spaceships, Specialized Gear and Droid Companions

Like the force these should be included in a character’s aspects and stunts however most characters are not defined by their gear and need not use their high concept to establish it.

Example:  Because I wield a Lightsaber, I get a +2 when I flashily defend, against ranged attacks.

Example: Because I know a few maneuvers, I get a +2 when I flashily overcome an obstacle, when piloting the Millennium Falcon.

If your gear cannot be summed up in a stunt you might choose to use the “Extra” rules options from Fate Core.


A Sample Setting


Opening Crawl

These are dark times. The Jedi are hunted outlaws facing total destruction at the hands of the Galactic Empire. The Emperor continues to expand his reign of terror and the Galactic Senate is powerless to stop him.

A faction within the Senate, led by Bail Organa, has begun to plot rebellion diverting funds and material to hidden Jedi and the fledgling rebel fleet.  

Aboard the newly commissioned (but aging) rebel venator class star destroyer The Defiance the PC’s will begin their adventures in the Star Wars Universe.



It has been about 10 years since the Emperor issued Executive Order 66 (and the events of Episode III). Despite the attempted purge not all Jedi were caught and killed a small number of survivors (beyond Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi) are in hiding. Players who wish to play Jedi may want to incorporate this hunted status in their trouble.

Similarly players who wish to play rebel clones have a couple of options. A truly fortunate individual clone may have been strong enough to resist imperial programming and disregard Order 66. Or more likely the clone may have escaped the slaughter on Kamino about a year ago. The Cloners dissatisfied with Imperial interference in their operations began to breed an army of their own one without the flaws requested by the Empire. When Imperial forces became aware of the army Imperial Commandos were dispatched to eliminate all rogue Kamino clones. While fairly thorough some clones may have escaped to join the fledgling rebellion.

Bail Organa and other influential individuals have begun to lay the groundwork for rebellion but there is no Rebel Alliance yet (by cannon that is another seven years into the future but might happen sooner depending on how the campaign proceeds). What these politicians, military and civilians have managed to pull together so far only amounts to a small fleet. The most recent addition to the fleet is the officially decommissioned star destroyer Patriot recently recommissioned by the rebels as the Defiance.

The Defiance will serve the campaign as a mobile home base for the PCs frequent missions against the Empire’s interests.

This is a Lightside Campaign model. PCs should not be Imperial sympathisers or dark force users although they could for a time at least operate as spies inside the imperial command structure.